Calgary man finds 120 family members with military links


A Calgary man’s enthusiasm to respect past relatives who served their nation turned up more than he ever could’ve envisioned.

Everything began around five years prior for Frank Clifford, 77, who had discovered an old family photograph of his granddad and his child when they served in the First World War.

What’s more, presently following many long stretches of research, Clifford has a field of crosses set up each November regarding 120 relatives of his and his better half’s family who have served in wars going back 200 years.

“I began with 30 family members. I returned and I began with the close family since I knew uncles who had served and my father and my granddad,” said Clifford. “The following thing I knew, I was finding a couple increasingly here and a couple more there.

“It’s a voyage that I’ve truly delighted in looking out every one of these cousins. I call them cousins. In my (explore), I’ve just discovered three ladies that served: one was an aunt that I knew very well, the other two are family precursors. They’re the hardest to discover.”

What’s more, presently consistently, Clifford sets up lines of crosses on a fix of grass close to Bow Trail and 31st St. S.W. with data of every relative.

“At the point when you read the narrative of a portion of these individuals being 19, 20 years of age and taking their life like that, it turns into a passionate visit,” he said. “It truly influences me inwardly.”

He couldn’t do it without a smidgen of help, however. A dear companion of Clifford’s, Betty Judge, who’s barely short of her 90s, has been giving him help right from Australia throughout recent years.

Their examination has turned up some fantastic stories and history. Clifford’s most established cross dates right back to the War of 1812, when four family members on his significant other’s grandma’s side served for the British.

Be that as it may, one of the most paramount was the account of a relative who served in the First World War.

“He was constantly AWOL and did the entirety of the ridiculous things a youthful fella would do at 20 years old. Be that as it may, when he went into fight, on one specific case, he took out a pillbox or automatic rifle and himself wound up being KIA,” he said of the relative who got after death decorations for his administration from Belgium. “On the off chance that you saw his record as an officer being restrained, he wasn’t. In any case, when it came down to the tough times, he was there to carry out his responsibility as well as could be expected and paid for it.”

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