You can call it a comeback: Former DJ, owner, reviving Back Alley nightclub


The Back Alley dance club is back — and if its proprietors have it their way, it will be better than anyone might have expected.

The hotspot in the 4000 square of Macleod Trail engaged thousands for a long time before it was changed into the Marquee dance club, which weeks back declared it was shutting its entryways.

Furthermore, when its deal was declared, previous Back Alley DJ Jim Turner and previous proprietor Dennis O’Neill, thought the time had come to bring Back Alley back.

“The intrigue of the bar in those days was everybody was welcome, you didn’t need to put on a suit and a semi-formal dress to turn out — you could come as you seem to be,” said Turner, a 10-year DJ’ing veteran of the previous Back Alley. “It transformed into the spot to be seen at any rate since it was a well known spot to go.

“What we’re attempting to do now is essentially a Back Alley 2 — a rebooted rendition of what it was at that point. We need to bring back what was cool about the first Back Alley, yet we will use what’s there as of now (at the setting).”

Dennis O’Neill (L) and Jim Turner present at what will again be the area of the Back Alley on Macleod Tr SW in Calgary on Friday, November 8, 2019. As of late called The Marquee, The Back Alley was installation in Calgary club scene and is set to open soon under new administration.

At the point when it was changed over to the Marquee, Turner stated, redesigns brought  extraordinary seating, a fabulous stall and container administration zones. The expectation now, he included, is to improve off those redesigns.

“We will carry kind of the air to the Back Alley where it will be an a lot more pleasant office inside — it won’t resemble a plunge inside,” he said. “I’m to some degree one-sided, however I’d contend it’s of one the most delightful looking spots in the city inside.”

A portion of those upgrades will incorporate an as good as ever solid and visual set up, Turner said.

Turner said he would DJ Back Alley return evenings from time to time at Marquee while it was as yet open — something that let him see the enthusiasm many had for the old spot.

“That is kind of where we got the thought from, really, is the reaction from those reunions at that point getting the chance to discuss things,” he said. “When we discovered Marquee was available to be purchased, we simply put the arrangement moving.”

A few clients at the Back Alley dance club appreciate the fine silliness of the picture taker in this May 1999 Postmedia Archive photograph.

David Lazarowych/Calgary Herald

An organization with Gruman’s Deli will deliver an uncommon nourishment menu to the bar for those hoping to get some great eats. In addition, Turner stated, they’re hoping to gain by some liquor alternatives that aren’t in numerous different spots.

“In the event that you need to descend and have a smoked meat sandwich and a brew before you went to the hockey game, this is the spot to go,” he said.

The conditional arrangement is to have the Back Alley open for Nov. 29, Turner stated, adding they would like to balance their staff during a procuring reasonable from 12 to 5 p.m. on Saturday.

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