Your letters for Nov. 12


Quebec surplus shows Canadian financial imbalance

Quebec reports 2019-2020 excess: $4 billion; Quebec leveling income: $12 billion; Alberta net outpouring to Canada: $20-25 billion; Alberta shortfall (2018-2019): $6.7 billion (in the midst of cruel cuts in government uses). Figure it out.

In all actuality: expel leveling installments, to a great extent supported by Alberta, and Quebec really ran a $8 billion deficiency.

To what extent will Albertans keep on enduring this monetary imbalance — only one of numerous reasons why numerous Albertans look for from Confederation.

Mike Priaro, Calgary

The Central Library isn’t free

I am satisfied to see the elevated level of neighborhood commitment and universal acknowledgment for this superb office. I am similarly puzzled that it is persistently marked as free. Duty covering residents paid for this structure. Also, we keep on paying each day for the day by day activity and staffing to help the arrangement of free gathering rooms, excitement and different courtesies to the network.

Concurred, this is an incredible open office. Be that as it may, it is undoubtedly not free.

Steve Howes, Calgary

The east isn’t the foe

Discord from Alberta has been coming our way here in Ontario since the government political race. Why the political hostility coordinated at the east? 66% of us Ontario voters didn’t decide in favor of the Liberal party. We are appreciatively subject to your gas and oil. We comprehend pipeline legislative issues. We absolutely have our very own monetary and social issues. I don’t hear individuals censuring western Canada for high vitality costs. Political divisions in the nation are exceptional and a great part of the media intensifies disruptiveness and fault. For what reason would Canadians not have distinctive political thoughts when we live in such a huge, different nation? Fortunately, we currently have a minority government that will require more information and be compelled to settle. Justifiably, numerous Albertans are furious (as per the media here) after the Liberals’ re-appointment. The east isn’t the adversary. The battles and achievements of your extraordinary region influence every one of us.

Hugh J MacMillan, Peterborough, Ont.

Canada is as of now liberal with social projects

Re: Parents need more than administrations, letter, Nov. 7

State what? The administration should give more cash to assist guardians with bringing up their kids? Canada is among the most liberal nations on the planet with regards to social projects and budgetary endowments. For what reason do you suspect as much numerous individuals are clamoring to get in here – both lawfully and unlawfully?

Truly, the general population requests qualification and responsibility for such administrations, however this would not be conceivable by essentially giving more cash legitimately to guardians. What’s to avert it being spent on things other than kids? What’s more, paradise help a legislature that attempted to screen where the cash went. Elder sibling allegations would fly.

Nancy Marley-Clarke, Calgary

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